This Plugin will allow you to use Texture Plugin sprite sheets to render your GUI, play OnGUI animations, put textures from the atlas on 3D object, play animation on 3D objects.

  • easy to draw and manage textures
  • supporting rotation, trim, crop
  • can be used with any GUI system for Unity

Note:  trim, crop, rotation is not supported for 3D objects and new Unity UI.




Why you should use texture atlases in your game:

  • Reduced build size
  • Reduced RAM consumption
  • Increased performance


Why use TexturePacker?

TexturePacker will allow you to easily and quickly create texture atlases for your game.

  • Rotation
  • Trimming / cropping
  • Scaling
  • Smoothing
  • Note: Some features are not available in the free version


Learn More here:


Why use the TexturePacker Unity Extension?


  • Skinned Mesh Support (only for paid version)
  • Mesh Sprite animation
  • Editor Preview
  • Customs Inspectors and windows 
  • Asset Processor for auto atlases detection
  • Supporting Texture Packer rotation (only for paid version) trim, crop
  • Use different atlases for 1 animation 
  • Play any number of animations in a single draw call. 
  • Collision 
  • Setting pivot within the editor 


  • Easy to load / unload atlases 
  • Easy to draw and manage textures
  • Supporting rotation, trim, crop (only for paid version)
  • Can be used with any GUI system for Unity 
  • GUI Animation from Atlas (only for paid version)
  • Export to Unity 2D Sprites