Tilt! Tilt Steering Controller

Tilt! Tilt Steering Controller

Price: $5
Version: 1.0
Size: 977.16 KB
Category: Input - Output

Tilt your device and steer your player!
Drag and drop the script on an object, build the project to your phone and start tilt steering - it's that easy. 

Need a proof? Watch *this*.

Tilt! is a script for creating a game using the gyroscope of mobile devices and steering an object by tilting the device.


  • Drag and drop, build, use
  • ScreenBoundary script included to keep objects on the display
  • Play with speed and offset values to make it fit your game
  • Successfully tested on iOS and Android devices

Check out *this video* to see a game using tilt.

Tilt! Includes a detailed documentation and well documented scripts.
Like to get special skyboxes, 3D models, game music or other individual assets? Visit the *70-30 Homepage*!


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