Toon Nature (GOTG)

Toon Nature (GOTG)

Price: $30
Category: Environments

"Toon Nature (GOTG)" is a package of cartoon, hand painted, assets.That includes a great variety of vegetation,props,scripts and scenery elements.

"Toon Nature (GOTG)" is an evolving package, that means that it's price is going to be raised along with the quantity of the package, letting everyone to get it while it is in low cost and put his comments and wishes on what he wants to see as an update, as long as the package is not completed.

Latest Update: More than 100 new Scenery elements, Plants Trees and Rocks!

Full Contents:

  • Subsurface Shader
  • 58 Trees of 3 kinds
  • 30 Rocks with LOD
  • 55 Plants of 4 kinds
  • 10 Grounds of 2 kinds
  • Grass meshes of 2 kinds
  • 11 Scenery props
  • 104 Arhitectural props
  • 13 Scenery props
  • 10 Scenery elements
  • 24 Skyboxes of 3 kinds
  • Demo Scenes - (Ground Off The Ground+Dark Forest)
  • More are coming soon!!!

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