Top-down Scifi Environment Tileset Pack

Top-down Scifi Environment Tileset Pack

Price: $40
Version: 1.8
Category: Environments

The Scifi Environment Pack is a complete set of modular, tile-based, lowpoly building block prebabs to build great looking scifi levels for your gamedev projects. 

The set includes 150+ pieces, walls, floors, columns, edges, chasms, to create endless layouts, and with multiple 512x512 swappable textures for diverse variation possibilities. 

Included are collision geometry pieces for efficient physics calculations, and each tile piece also has a secondary UV channel for lightmapping within your game engine. All the components are highly optimized making it a great choice for mobile development as well.

  • 150+ Different Pieces
  • Multiple 512x512 Diffuse Textures
  • Collision Setup in Prefabs
  • Mobile Self Illuminated Shader for efficient draw calls
  • 2nd UV set for Lightmap Baking
  • Example Scenes
  • Fully Compatible with UniRPG TileEd.(show proof of receipt and you will get a pre-configured prefab Tile Database with everything ready to use)

Also, check out forum thread for more information.
Link to *WebPlayer Demo*


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