Construction Tower Crane

Construction Tower Crane

Price: $15
Version: 1.2
Size: 245.02 MB
Category: Props

This is a highly detailed tower crane used in the construction of buildings. I initially built this model to be used as a prop in an FPS game. The level of detail is suitable for really close up inspection as the model was meant to have the player climb up and onto it. 

The model is broken up into several pieces making it easy to adjust the height of the crane, as well as the span of the cranes arm. 

The crane comes with 3 stages of LOD and also an accurate collision model that allows the player to interact with the crane, and get shot through the girders. Because the prefab uses the LOD component you will need Unity Pro to use the prefab included. 

Diffuse / Normal / Specular maps are included for the model. 

The polygon count for the entire crane is:
LOD0 = 113,572 triangles 
LOD1 = 37,030 triangles 
LOD2 = 5,114 triangles 

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