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Ultimate Ads

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Let me tell you about our new Ultimate Ads product.

We know that you don't want to use only one Ad network. most likely you want to use at least 3 to maximise your profit from an ad.

And we know how hard can it be to manage 3 or more ad network plugins in your project + you need to add logic for handling each of those networks in your game.

So were are here to help you out! And we know that some of you are professional Unity developers, so we made a straight forward C# API for you. And there are plenty of beginner developers or people who prefer to use solutions without coding. So we made an Advertising Constructor Wizard that will help you to set up the whole mediation process without a single line of code!

Plus, the whole implementation can be tested right inside the Unity Editor using fake ads.

So, How does it works?

First of all, you need to complete a Setup step. You are going to need to download and import the required ad networks SDK into your project. Ultimate Ads will detect what ad networks you have imported and will offer to fill in the required setting for an each ad network in your project.

Once you are done with the Setup, you can proceed to an Advertising Constructor Wizard to set up rules and triggers for the ads to show in your game. Or if you more comfortable to code the behaviour, please follow the Programming Guidelines

And yes, fell free to combine those two solutions if you like.

To learn more about how the plugin works inside, check How It Works.


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