How It Works

Most mobile publishers have more inventory than they can sell through one ad network or their direct sales team. To maximise fill rates and sell more of their inventory, most publishers work with multiple ad networks at the same time. Ad network performance can also vary for a given publisher, with some offering better performance in a particular geography or industry than another. This means some ad networks will produce more revenue for a publisher than others.

With ad mediation, publishers can match the right ad networks to the right inventory and monetize more of their impressions. Mediation increases fill rates, maximises eCPMs, and helps publishers get the most revenue possible from every impression, making it a critical monetization solution for publishers.

How Ultimate Ads plugin works

Ad mediation is technology that sends ad requests to multiple ad networks to ensure publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots. First, publishers rank ad networks in order of preference. Second, the mediation platform tries the top ad network. If the top ad network can’t fill the ad request, the mediation platform tries the next preferred ad network until it fills the request.

For each ad request, the mediation platform chooses the ad network that best matches the publisher’s priorities. Often, publishers will choose the highest revenue option and prioritise the ad network that offers the highest eCPM. Alternatively, a publisher may give preference to a specific ad network for ad requests coming from that ad network’s country of origin.

They key technical benefit of ad mediation is the ability to centralise access to ad networks with just one SDK, instead of managing hundreds of SDK integrations directly. The single SDK approach allows publishers to add and remove ad networks through the ad mediation platform, instead of pushing out an app update to all app stores. However,  you will need to install the Ad network SKD's in your project anyways. But instead, to work with this API directly you can manage your game ads thrum Ultimate Ads plugin APIs.

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