Ultimate Ads provides you one single interface for Advertising integration in your game. There is no any specific action required to setup Ultimate Ads. However, before you can use mediation you need to import Advertising SDK's in your project, each SDK may require some additional setup action. You can fine setup guide for each SDK under the Advertising Networks section.

The General tab of Ultimate Ads is shown on the screenshot below

Here you can see the status of the Advertising SDKs  - whether it's detected in your project folder or not. As you can see from this screenshot, if the Ads SDK is detected, there is the green [Detected] label and an option to navigate to Settings tab ([Go to Settings] button). Otherwise, the Ads network will be indicated with the red colour [Not detected] label and an option to download Advertising SDK. By pressing this [Download SDK] button you will be navigated to Advertising network integration guide web page. Please, follow all the instructions from the Ads SDK integration guide.

After you imported all the Advertising SDKs into your project and all of them are detected, you are ready to go to Settings tab. This tab is dedicated to more specific Advertising network such as Ad Unit Ids/App Ids/App Signatures. Please, take a look at the screenshot below.

Make sure, that you have provided all the required configuration for each Ads network you are going to use in your project. The configuration for each network is quite unique. If you need more additional detailed information according to the particular Advertising network, please, search for official documentation or contact our support team via and ask for an assistance.

When you finished with Advertising networks import and providing a general configuration, you are ready to go further to implementing in-game logic for showing the Ads. There are two approaches - the first one is based on the fully programming implementation. The second one is the great feature available for you with Ultimate Ads plugin - Ads Constructor. Implement all behind the scene logic with zero lines of code. Define the set of triggers and rules for displaying the Ads and you are ready to go with your game.

If you want to dive into the programming of the advertising business logic, please, follow this link. Or if you want to try out the Advertising Constructor, this link is up to you.