Ultimate Inventory 4.0 C#

Ultimate Inventory 4.0 C#

Price: $10
Version: 4.1
Size: 35.05 MB
Category: GUI

Have you ever imagined an asset that contained: a customizable inventory, a crafting system, character equipment system, looting system, random item spawner, door system and more coming (Building (building system, furance system,plants growing system) for only $10!!! 

The inventory system has two inventory modes:the slot mode which supports unlimited number of slots and the weight mode which supports the weight you choose (max = float's max). 

In order to add items in the inventory system, you only have to drag & drop a script on the item and then drop it into the all items array list. With the advanced custom inspector you will have full control of the system with very easy interface. Item stacking is also included, as well as Player Equipment System. You can customize your inventory system on every way, from background images on the inventory and quick inventory, slot's size, slot's image, scrollbar skin and many more. The system contains a medieval skin for the inventory in order to undestand how easy it is to add your own skins within minutes with drag & drop. 

With Version 2 you also get a crafting system which supports unlimited number of recipes, which can be added & modified with a very easy to use editor.

Features : 
-Inventory supports unlimited number of pick-able items. 
-Inventory supports unlimited number of slots. 
-There are two inventory mods available, the Slot mod and the Weight mod. Using the slot mod you can set up be default or even change at run-time the number of available
Using the weight mod you can set the maximum weight (even at run-time) that you can carry, then on each item there is a variable which will set the weight of each item. 
-Supports different sounds for picking up / dropping / using an item or when you are full and you try to pick up items. 
-Customizable key for toggling on/off the inventory. 
-Auto toggle off after an amount of seconds. (You set the amount) 
-You can use preview icon for items or just display the item's name. 
-You can set an icon for empty slots or leave it displaying the text 'Empty'. 
-You can drop items using double left click. 
-You can use items by left clicking on them. 
-You can edit the script 'UI_CustomActivation.cs' on the first void (Follow the comments) and apply your own activation code, to enable it check the 'Custom Activate'. 
-Fully detailed custom inspector with comments to modify your inventory on your needs. 
-Hotkeys "shortcuts" menu which can activate items by clicking them or using the shortcut keys which you can set from the inspector. 
-You can hide empty slots on the hotbar. 
-You can assign all the items for your inventory by dragging and dropping. 
-You can see all the equipped items, and you can set starting items. 
-You can select where the inventory GUI can be by choosing : Top Left , Top Right , Bottom Left , Bottom Right , Center Screen 
-You can select where the hotbars GUI can be by choosing : Top Left , Bottom Left , Top Center, Bottom Center. 
-All GUI positions are supporting different resolutions and aspect ratios. 
-Scroll-able GUI for unlimited slots. 
-Custom positioning and size for background image for both quick and main inventory. 
-Function that checks if a specific item is equipped.
You can change the encryption password hash as well as the salt key. 
-Drag & Drop functionality. 
-Crafting system which supports drag & drop. 
-Unlimited crafting recipes. 
-Easy to use editor for making your recipes. 
-Fixed a compiling error on webplayer platform. 
-Crafting menu is customizable, you can move the crafting slots, the result slot, the background image and the description text area. 
-You can toggle crafting menu with or without the main inventory. 
-You can add item spanwers which spawns items randomly on a period of time, you can change the rarity of each item. 
-Advanced door system which supports lock & keys, moving door or rotating door. 

Support at : greekstudios@yahoo.gr

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