26 Feb 2015
35.05 MB

Version 4.1 Beta :

Added : You can now change the length of the rows.

Added : You can now preview the inventory from editor (Rows&Items).

Changed : Each item has different stack options.

Fixed : Supports Unity 4.6

To be added : Building system with UI will be added on the next patch due to some bugs.[Progressed but need more work]

To be added : Furance system will be added on the next patch.

To be added : Plants growing system will be added on the next patch.

Version 4 Beta :

Fixed : FPS Drop on crafting menu when recipes was many.

Added : Random Item Spanwer System

Added : Door system which supports lock & keys, moving / rotating doors.

Added : You can now Import & Export your crafting recipes.

Version 2.2

Bug fixes : Looting system now supports unlimited containers at the same time with out bugs.

Changed : Pick up item system as well as opening looting containers system is now using Raycast. Which means that you will pick up/open the item/container which you are looking on.

Version 2.12

Fixed : Editor scripts had compiling errors when building.

Fixed : Drag & Drop out of index exception.

Added : Food & Drink categories on item script with food/drink value and poisoned option.

Version 2.1

Added : Customizable Player Equipment System.

Added : Item Stacking (Beta stage, working only with SLOTS mode).

Added : Customizable Looting System for containers bodies or any other object, supports Open & Close animation, background image and unlimited slots number.[ No item stacking yet ]

Added : First Person example scene.

Added : Custom inspector for item's script.

Changed : Items now has categories. Item or Equipment, then the equipment has sub-categories : Helmet,Chest,Legs,Boots.

Fixed : A few bugs. Added : Consumable item example & hunger example system.