Improved Output

Every time I need to view logs through the XCode or LogCat console, I have a feeling that it should be more compact and lots of unnecessary info is through to a console output. So, while working on Ultimate Logger, our team decided to improve this as well.

Let's say we have the following code:

Debug.Log ("I am log level message");
Debug.LogWarning ("I am warning level message");
Debug.LogError ("I am error level message");

Debug.LogWarning ("Test LogWarning");
Debug.LogError ("Test LogError");

U.LogWarning ("warning with color",;
U.LogWarning ("warning with color", Color.white);
U.LogWarning ("warning with color",;

U.Log ("dfdfdd", "Some tag");
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.NETWORK);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.GAMEPLAY);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.CLOUD);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.SERVICE);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.IN);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.OUT);

Default Xcode output for that code will look like this:

But if Ultimate Logger is initialised, you will get the output similar to this one:

Pretty much same story with the Android platform.

And, yes, this feature may also be disabled as any another enactment we made. Feel free to use the Platforms Settings to manage the Ultimate Logger features.