Our goal was to create a product that will combine 3 fundamental features.

  • Logger Console window with ALL features and same behaviour as Unity Console (because all of us are used to it already) + set of additional features and improvements you can enable or disable, depends on your needs.
  • Record & Share logs. Ability to record app logs and build in UI interface to view & share session logs from a device.
  • Improve logs output from a device to make it more user-friendly and readable.

There is no specific installation process, just unpack the plugin and it's ready to go. The plugin editor UI includes 2 windows - Console and Settings. Both windows can be accessed through the Unity top menu.

Window -> Stan's Assets -> Ultimate Logger 


You also do not need to change the way you work with the logs. However, we have our own wrapper you can use, it's working pretty much the same as Unity Debug class - just a few more options will be available for you.

With the Settings window you can tune the Logger Console window view and also control logs recording, sharing and output on a device.

However, to enable recording, sharing & custom logs output features, you need to do 1 setup step. Just call the Logger init method on the app start. Learn more.

If you are missing some features or have found a bug, please, let us know.  https://stansassets.com/#contacts