By default Unity offers us 3 log levels / tags.

  • log
  • warning
  • message
Debug.Log ("I am log level message");
Debug.LogWarning ("I am warning level message");
Debug.LogError ("I am error level message");

Unity Console output

Ultimate Logger Console output

But sometimes having those 3 levels is simply not enough. So, we decided to give you the ability to use as many levels / tags as you want. You can also set up an icon for your custom tags. By default, we have already created the following custom tags that you can use.

  • network
  • gameplay
  • cloud
  • service
  • in
  • out

If you want to make a log message with a custom tag, you need to use Ultimate Logger custom wrapper API. See the code snippet below:

U.LogWarning ("warning with color", Color.blue);
U.LogWarning ("warning with color", Color.white);
U.LogWarning ("warning with color", Color.green);

U.Log ("dfdfdd", "Some tag");
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.NETWORK);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.GAMEPLAY);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.CLOUD);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.SERVICE);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.IN);
U.Log ("tag test", SA.UltimateLogger.DefaultTags.OUT);

Unity Console output:

Ultimate Logger Console output:

You can also put frequently used custom tags on a toolbar, create new tags, customize tag names and icons with the Tags tab of a Logger Settings Window.

Even if you do not want to add your tag to the settings  by yourself, it will be automatically added using the default icon. If you have noticed in the last code snippet I used "Some tag" as a message tag, and now it appeares in the custom tags menu. Let's see how the console view will change if we do a few custom tags. So, let's doc "in" & "out" tags and undock the default "error" tag. See the result below:

If you want to enable/disable messages with the un-docked tags, you may use the "Tags" toolbar menu to do that:

So, this is pretty much everything I wanted to tell you about the tag feature. It's one of the fundamental plugin features that allowed us to make our logs much more readable and usable. And I hope it will also do a good job for your project as well.