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Publishes an App Event. App Events allow you to measure the effectiveness of your Facebook app ads and better understand the makeup of users engaging with your app. You can use one of 14 predefined events such as 'level achieved', or use custom events you define. Log events that could help you understand player behavior and measure engagement coming from your App Ads on Facebook. How often these events occur is reported in aggregate with through Facebook Analytics for Apps. 

Note: Users do not need to be logged in with Facebook in order for you to log App Events.

Note: Predefined events in Facebook.Unity.AppEventName

You can also log purchases with Facebook using the conventional method has been provided to log real-money in-app purchases, which is the most common use of event logging.

namespace SA.Facebook

public static class SA_FB_Analytics {
	 public static void LogAppEvent(string logEvent, float? valueToSum = null, Dictionary<string, object> parameters = null);
	 public static void LogPurchase(float logPurchase, string currency = null, Dictionary<string, object> parameters = null);