Date Picker Dialog

The UM_DatePickerDialog is a simple dialog containing native DatePicker component inside that will allow your app user to pick a date. See the use example below:

using System;
using UnityEngine;
using SA.CrossPlatform.UI;

int year = DateTime.Now.Year;
var picker = new UM_DatePickerDialog(year);
picker.Show((result) => {
    if (result.IsSucceeded) {
        Debug.Log("date picked result.Year: " + result.Date.Year);
        Debug.Log("date picked result.Month: " + result.Date.Month);
        Debug.Log("date picked result.Day: " + result.Date.Day);
    } else {
        Debug.Log("Failed to pick a date: " + result.Error.FullMessage);

Note:  When testing inside the Unity Editor environmnet the DateTime.Now value will be returned as user date choise.