Getting Started

Create experiences that keep players coming back to your game. Add leaderboards, achievements, saved games, and more.

Game Services offers a centralized game service that connects players to each other. The feature is available on iOS and Android platforms:

  • Achievements provide the ability to track a player’s accomplishments in your game.
  • Leaderboards allow your game to store and fetch player scores from Game Center.
  • The Saved Game API is best used for single-player games or a pass-and-play game on a single device.

The Ultimate mobile game service is built around IOS Native (Game Kit) & Android Native (Play Service) implementation. Becialy it provides a cross-platform interface to interact with native game services. Plus Ultimate Mobile provides you an ability to test your implementation directly in the editor. Please note that only similar features are combined with the cross-platform interface. If you want to use a specific native service feature, you may use native plugin directly, or combine usage of Ultimate Mobile and native plugin.

For example, you want to show iOS(GameKit) Challenges page. You still can use whole user connection, achievements, leaderboards, etc flow with the Ultimate Mobile. But the second you need to display challenges UI on iOS, you can just use iOS Native plugin directly.

You can enable Game Services platforms using Ultimate Mobile Plugin Editor UI. I would also recommend you take a look on a native plugin's documentation as well. Since setting up process for platforms is described for each native plugin inside the plugin documentation. Plus you might find a non-cross-platform feature you would like to use.