Getting Started

 The Advertisement service provides you with unified API for implementing ads in your games. 

The idea is - you implement Ads in your game using the Ultimate Mobile ADs API.  While you in the editor fake ads event will be generated, so you can test your game in the editor with no problem at all.

Once the implementation is ready, you may choose which of supported ad platform will service ads for your application. Or even enable few supported platforms and pick a platform based on different conditions. Like for example runtime platform, or user location, or just your own A / B test.

One Service is enabled, you may implement supported add placement. 

  • Banner ads
  • Rewarded ads
  • Non-Rewarded ads

The Basic approach for configuration different ad platforms is pretty simple.

1. Open The Advertisement UI

2. Pick the platform you want to serve ads for your game, and follow installation instructions (if any) until platform status will not be changed to "on".

See next guides for more information & feel free to play around with tour UM_Advertisement example scene.