Getting Started

We provide a set of Playmaker actions for an Ultimate Mobile plugin. List of supported actions can be found in the next guides of Playmaker section.

Before you begin, make sure that playmaker service is enabled. Playmaker service is located under 3rd-Party Services Tab.

Click on Playmaker service 

Follow instructions inside the service UI. To activate playmaker actions. You will need to complete 2 simple steps.

1. Make sure that the Playmaker plugin is installed in your project.

2. Once the Playmaker plugin is detected, the system will ask you to download Ultimate Mobile Addon.


There are a few reasons why you need to download an additional package.

  1. I want an initial package to be as clean as possible
  2. The code in add-on is based on 3-rd party SDK. The playmaker in this case.
  3. I can't keep those scripts inside Plugins folder, so Addon has to be located outside of the Plugins folder.

Download an Add-on using this URL.

Please note that you only need a PlayMakerAddon.

Once both steps completed, Ultimate Mobile actions will appear inside the Playmakeractions browser, and Playmaker service UI will look similar to the screenshot below: