Getting Started

Any project needs to have analytics, and most likely you want to use few analytics services. Here are a few benefits that are provided by Ultimate Mobile analytics service.

  • Use one unified API, all events you will report via unified API will be sent to all the analytics services you have enabled.
  • If you also use the Ultimate Mobile plugin for things like In-App purchases, Game service, etc, you will have the ability to enable automatic event tracking for those services.

Here is how you use it. Open the 3rd-Party Services Tab. And select the Analytics service. 

Once you there, you can enable analytics services you want to send reports to (mots of it will need you to download an external plugin or libraries, you can just follow instructions inside the UI)

The service is enabled if at least once the analytics service is available. Since Unity Analytics is available out of the box, the analytics service enabled out of the bix as well.

There is also an Automation section where you can enable or disable specific event to report to analytics automatically. Once you configured the service and automation events you need, you can then use Analytics API.