3rd-Party Tab

Apart from cross-platform mobile API's that located under the Services tab, there is also a 3rd-Party tab.

Inside that tab, you may find a few different types of services, that are described below:

Extended or Simplified API 

This is API based on some existing official services. or plugins and the Ultimate mobile goal is to grat you simplified usage cases or add more feature that was provided by an original plugin. Facebook is a good example is. The Facebook already provides the Official Unity Facebook SDK, but it has a lack of features, so we implemented a lot more Facebook feature you want to have.

Service Bundles.

This type means, that Ultimate Mobile will support existing service or service, and will provide you access to those service with Unified API. The Analytics is a good example. Most likely you want analytics for your project, and in most cases, you want to use a few analytics services. That's what Ultimate Mobile can do for you. For example, we will give you 1 unified analytics API, and you will set the analytics service you want to use, and by only using Ultimate Mobile Unified Analytics API your game reports can be sent to let's say Unity and Google analytics.

Each service can provide even more bonuses. Again analytics would be a very good example. Since Unified Analytics is an internal plugin service, it can listen for the internal plugin events and automatically post information when your players are making purchases, achieving something or posting new scores. Long story short we can handle a lot under the hood without bothering you.


This type means, that Ultimate Mobile will support deep integration with another plugin or service. The Playmaker is a good example. By activating a Playmaker support you'll be able to use an Ultimate mobile API via Playmaker.