Features and Compatibility

The Ultimate mobile is a pretty big product with a lot of features and supported platforms. First of all, you need to understand that Ultimate mobile itself is just a wrapper around products (another Stan's Assets plugin) which it contains inside. With the Ultimate Mobile you're getting the following plugins:

So if you have questions about  the dependencies,  conflicts and compatibility with other unity plugins, versions, etc., you can read the following articles for IOS and Android platforms.

Plugin size and features

We understand that our customers want to have their projects as clean and with less size as possible. That's why you would probably want to disable the plugin features you're not using. But first of all, let's see how much size of plugin will be added to your project if you do not disable anything at all. You will find Editor log that prints most size consumers below:

 147.4 kb	 1.7% Assets/Extensions/StansAssetsPreviewUI/Art/Textures/hello_world.jpeg
 64.1 kb	 0.8% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/other.png
 64.1 kb	 0.8% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/gallery.png
 64.1 kb	 0.8% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/android.png
 64.1 kb	 0.8% Assets/Extensions/AmazonNative/Amazon/Editor/Resources/amazon.png
 64.1 kb	 0.8% Assets/Extensions/AmazonNative/Amazon/Editor/Resources/ads.png
 54.1 kb	 0.6% Assets/Extensions/UltimateMobile/Scripts/Editor/Resources/um_ad.png
 46.2 kb	 0.5% Assets/Extensions/StansAssetsCommon/Editor/Resources/sa_logo_small_light.png
 46.2 kb	 0.5% Assets/Extensions/StansAssetsCommon/Editor/Resources/sa_logo_small.png
 32.1 kb	 0.4% Assets/Extensions/UltimateMobile/Scripts/Editor/Resources/um_billing.png
 28.0 kb	 0.3% Resources/unity_builtin_extra
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/notifications.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/googleplay.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/AmazonNative/Amazon/Editor/Resources/gamecircles.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/sharing.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/AndroidNative/Editor/Resources/market.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/AmazonNative/Amazon/Editor/Resources/billing.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/UltimateMobile/Scripts/Editor/Resources/um_settings.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/UltimateMobile/Scripts/Editor/Resources/um_analytics.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/UltimateMobile/Scripts/Editor/Resources/um_icon.png
 4.1 kb	 0.0% Assets/Extensions/UltimateMobile/Scripts/Editor/Resources/um_games.png

As you can see, it adds around 1MB to your project size.  And if you disable some features, it will stay the same. So what is the point of disabling the plugin feature then?


Besides Unity Resources and C# scripts IOS feature also requires IOS frameworks that should be included into your project, and that is where your build size increases. For example, if you want to use Achievements / Leaderboards in your project, the plugin has to include the GameKit.framework. Or if you want to have InApps with your app, the plugin has to include the StoreKit.framework to the XCode project build.  That's why you may want to disable non-used feature, to strip down some frameworks out of XCode build which may take lot's of space. Feature to framework dependencies are described here, IOS feature disabling can be made with the IOS Native settings page.


Unlike the IOS platform, disabling feature in Android will not really decrease your build size. But the more features you have enabled, the more permissions your App has inside the manifest. And as a good developer, you may want to get rid of excess permissions. Feature to framework dependencies are described here, Android feature disabling can be made with the Android Native settings page.