Ultimate Mobile is a combo package with contains following assets.

As bonus package also contains Unified API for:

  • In-App purchasing - IOS, Android, WP8
  • Game Services (Achievements, Leaderboards)  - IOS, Android
  • Advertisement -  IOS, Android, WP8
  • Social Sharing - IOS, Android
  • Google Analytics Tracking - All Unity Platforms
  • Native Pop Ups and Preloaders - IOS, Android, WP8


You do not have to use Unified API, you always can use API of any plugin in the package. More unified API will be available in future releases. Feel free to send feedback or feature request to support team using stans.assets@gmail.com e-mail support.

Warning: Plugin does not contain OAuth Twitter and FB API from  Android Native. Only native sharing features included. 


Unified API not always can deliver all power / feature of native API, In this case if you missing some feature on the specific platform, you can always use platform API together with unified API. For example, In-App purchases on IOS platform ash Restore purchases functionality. Restoring purchases is required only on IOS and only IOS API has this feature. Thant's why  Restore purchases is not the part of unified In-App purchases API. You can still use all purchases implementation with the unified API, but when you need to create restore button and add functionality to it, you able to use IOS Native In-App purchases API.