Restoring Purchases

The Restore purchases feature should be implemented only for  iOS platform.

If you have non-consumable products in your app, you have to implement the Restore Purchases feature. You also need to provide the Restore Purchases with your app UI. These are requirements of Apple for the applications with non-consumable products.

Please note that Restore Purchases feature will work only on iOS platform. You need to adjust your app UI accordingly. Only iOS platform UI should have that button.

Once restore flow has started, you will get the OnPurchaseFinished event for every product that was bought earlier by a user.

When restore flow is finished the OnRestoreFinished will be fired. The code snippet below shows how to start purchase flow and subscribe to a complete event.

UM_InAppPurchaseManager.Client.OnRestoreFinished += OnRestoreFinished;
UM_InAppPurchaseManager.Client.RestorePurchases ();

void OnRestoreFinished (UM_BaseResult result) {
	if(result.IsSucceeded) {
		Debug.Log("Restore Fnished Successfully");
	} else {
		Debug.Log("Restore Fnished with error");