Before you integrate in-app purchases for your game, you should complete your app setup for platforms are you going to use.

After you finish the platforms set up, add products info to the plugin settings.

Windows ->  Stan's Assets -> Ultimate Mobile -> Edit Settings

For example, you have a non-consumable item "Coins Booster" in your game and you want it to be purchasable on iOS and Android platforms. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Add the product to your IOS app in iTunes, with the following id:
  2. Add the product to the developer console, with the following id:

Then create this booster product in the UM plugin settings as displayed in the screenshot below:

As you can see, we created a product with id booster.  We also specified IOS SKU for this product from iTunes and Android SKU from Google Play Console.

After the product is created inside the plugin settings, you may proceed to the purchase implementation step.

Note: Do not forget to set Base64Key for android, if you are going to use purchases on the android platform.

Note: You do not have to provide the product SKU for the platform you will not use.

Note: The id you have specified in the ProductId field can be used to manage the product in the future.

Note: The Default Price will be retrieved from InAppProductTemplate, if a user starts the application with NO internet connection. In this case, the actual product price is not loaded, HOWEVER, the default price will be used instead. USD is used as a default currency.