Initialize Localytics SDK on your app, start with the Init method. 


Tag events

When an interesting event occurs in your application, tag it using these instructions.

Be sure to predefine your events as final static Strings for performance reasons, data actionability, and to avoid collecting any personally identifiable information. Avoid calling this function in a loop so that you don't collect too much data.

You may want to collect additional data about some events such as how many lives the player has, or what the last action the user took was before clicking on an advertisement. This is accomplished with the second form of TagEvent which takes a map of key/value pairs or attributes along with the event name.

Tag a single event with no attributes by adding the following lines of code where “Options Saved” is a string describing the event.

private const string TAG_OPTIONS_SAVED = "Options Saved";
public void optionsSaved() {

If you want to add attributes, modify the tag as follows:

private const string TAG_OPTIONS_SAVED = "Options Saved";

public void optionsSaved() {
	Dictionary<string, object> attributes =  new Dictionary<string, object>();
	attributes.Add("age", 16);
	attributes.Add("sex", "male");
	SA.Analytics.Unified.Manager.Instance.CustomEvent(TAG_OPTIONS_SAVED, attributes);

Tracking user flow through your app

Log views or screens in your application in order to track the way users flow through it. To tag views, add a TtagScreen call after new scene was loaded call for each of your views. As with events, don't name each screen dynamically. For example, a screen displaying an article should be tagged simply as Article rather than with the article's title.


Unified Analytics allows you to track specific events within your game. By configuring the series of Custom Events within your game you can create your own Funnel Analysis to observe your players' game behavior. Good places to put custom events include: milestones, new levels, scene transitions, etc.

Track demographics

Use the following methods to log information about user if available.

// User ID
// User name
// User gender
// User age

Tracking Monetization

This provides a flexible method for tracking monetization events through in-app purchases. This method should be called every time a player triggers a monetization event.

SA.Analytics.Unified.Manager.Instance.Transaction("coins_pack", 1, UDS)