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Unity UI Extensions

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Version: Update 2019.5 - 2.3 - Accelerated Deployment
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The Unity UI Extensions project is the largest collection of Unity UI controls / Features / Extensions / Effects and helpers.

In this project is a collection of extension scripts / effects and controls to enhance your Unity UI experience. These scripts have been gathered from many sources and combined and improved over time.
New controls and effects are added constantly in source and packaged on a release cycle for an easier install.

The majority of the scripts came from the Scripts thread on the [Unity UI forum here](https://bit.ly/UnityUIScriptsForumPost)

The UI Extensions project is available via UPM (recommended), or you can also download the pre-compiled Unity Assets from here. you can also download / fork this project to access the scripts. Check the Installation instructions below.

The project has been built by the community and mastered/packaged by SimonDarksideJ

For full details about the project, check on the project site here:



Update 2019.5 - 2.3 - Accelerated Deployment

Since the move to UPM, the team have been able to react quicker and push out fixes a lot easier, without affecting previous installation (whilst still adhering to Unity's backwards compatibility pattern). So it is with great news we announce this new release, faster that ever :D (and thanks to UPM, easier to upgrade than ever). Be sure to also check out the "Examples" option in the Package Manager window to import the samples to your project.

Be sure to logon to the new Gitter Chat site for the UI Extensions project, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions

Much easier that posting a question / issue on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook :D

UIExtensions Gitter Channel

New / updated features

  • Add squircle primitive
  • Adding new magnetic scroll control
  • Added a static library to collate shaders on first use.
  • Finalized new InputManagerHelper, which translates input based on the operating input system, new or old Updated CardStack2D to have defined keyboard input or specific gamepad input over the older axisname for new input system.
  • Examples now included with UPM delivery and available as a button on the UPM package manager window
  • Updated DropDown and Autocomplete controls based on feedback in #204
  • Updated Accordion to support both Vertical as well as Horizontal layout
  • Updated ComboBox controls to improve better programmatic controls
  • Updates to the Infinite scroll to support content of various sizes
  • Updated UI Knob control - enabled dragging outside the target area, added example scene
  • Minor update to MagneticInfinite Scroll
  • Refactored and extended the ContentScrollSnap control
  • Added protection against errors and empty scrollrect content
  • Added new SetNewItems function to add children programmatically to the control and reset accordingly
  • Patch supplied by a contributor to improve the texture sheet use with the UIParticlesystem
  • Added "SetKnobValue" function which allows the setting of Value and loops
  • Added the programmatic capability to change the parent scroll rect on the ScrollConflictManager at runtime.

Examples / Examples / Examples

Examples now have their own package, this simplifies their use and deployment. Especially in 2019 with the UPM deployment.

  • New UI Knob examples
  • New Magnetic Scroll Example
  • Updated ComboBox examples for programmatic testing


  • Fix to add a "RequireComponent" to Primitives as Unity 2020 does not add them by default
  • Remove old Examples submodule
  • Updated submodules to hide Examples folder Additionally, updated Package manifest to allow importing of examples direct from UPM package.
  • Fixed hard swipe to ensure it only ever moves one page, no matter how far you swipe.
  • Fixed a conflict when using the ScrollConflictManager in child content of a HSS or VSS
  • Fix for UI Particle system looping
  • Fixed public GoToScreen call to only raise events internally (not multiple)
  • Final roll-up and fix. Resolved race condition for associated pagination controls.
  • Fixed issue with page events not being raised when inertia was disabled (velocity was always zero)
  • When cloned, reorderable list was creating a second List Content component that was not initialized. Refactored to ensure only one list content was present and is initialized correctly
  • Reorderable list items marked as transferable, remain transferable after being dropped
  • Patch to resolve issues without the new Input System installed
  • Refined magnetic scroll and dependencies while documenting Updated example
  • Patch Tooltip

Known issues

No new issues in this release, but check the issues list for things we are currently working on:

Installation Instructions

As of Unity 2019, there are now two paths for getting access to the Unity UI Extensions project:

  • Unity 2019 or higher The recommended way to add the Unity UI Extensions project to your solution is to use the Unity package Manager. Simply use the Unity Package Manager to reference the project to install it

Alternatively, you can also use the pre-compiled Unity packages if you wish, however, UPM offers full versioning support to allow you to switch versions as you wish.

  • Unity 2018 or lower The pre-compiled Unity assets are the only solution for Unity 2018 or earlier due to the changes in the Unity UI framework in Unity made for 2019. Either clone / download this repository to your machine and then copy the scripts in, or use the pre-packaged .UnityPackage for your version of Unity and import it as a custom package in to your project.

Upgrade Notes

Due to the restructure of the package to meet Unity's new package guidelines, we recommend Deleting the current Unity UI Extensions folder prior to importing the new package.

For Unity 2019 users using the new UPM deployment, be sure to delete the existing folder in your assets folder before adding the new package to avoid conflict.



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