Wicked Monster

Wicked Monster

Price: $20
Version: 1.1
Category: Characters

Requires Unity 3.5.7 or higher.

I made this creature quite a while ago, but it makes me smile even today. Just look at him, he is happy, confident, and ready to bite you! 

Okay, kidding aside. The creature is 1457 triangles, has 28 bones, uses a 1024*1024 texture, has generated normal and specular maps (generated means that there is no high poly model, but the diffuse texture was used to generate a normal map). The creature has the following animations: idle, move, attack1, attack2, hit, die, move backwards.
You can observe topology, rigging and UV on the screenshot. You can watch the animations in the webplayer demo, or on youtube, links below. 

3ds max 9 source file is also present in the pack. 


Any questions? Contact me at kalamona01@gmail.com

Version 1.1: fixed the facing, so the monstaaa will now correctly face towards Z.


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